Both domestic dwellings and commercial properties have a network of pipework and drains, which not just require maintenance but also, servicing from time-to-time. A minor leak or escape of water, over time, could lead to an enormous damage to the internal and external integrity of the property. This can prove to be quite costly. Our Plumbers and Drainage Engineers provide prompt and quality solutions to your plumbing and drainage conundrums.


Burst pipes are extremely common in the UK, especially during unpredictable cold weather, and even more common in properties left empty during festivities and long bank holiday weekends. Nevertheless, any minor or major leak can cause grievance and inconvenience to the property owner. At Repair Eco, we offer knowledgeable and skilled Plumbers and Drainage Engineers with years of experience in working different terrains, sites, locations and spaces. We’re sure to have a solution just for you.


With ever changing domestic and commercial building settings, sizes, locations, layouts and aesthetics, having spacious and well-installed toilets and toilet systems are quite essential. In major metropolitan and urban living and working spaces, plumbing and drainage systems are required to be quite cleverly placed and adequately placed. Our Plumbing and Drainage Engineers provide smart solutions, ranging from installations, repairs, replacements, and changing fixtures and fittings.


From leaky shower head to a broken tap, we all have fixtures and fittings that break due to wear and tear or even accidental damage. Our engineers provide skillful and quality service when it comes to fixing and replacing bathroom, toilet or plumbing fixtures and fittings. Whatever your style is, we’re sure to provide an excellent finish.


Ever experienced foul smell from the shower drain or a bad case of water retention in the sink? It could due to a block drain or build-up of grime, slime and dirt in the drainage system. Our Drainage and Plumbing Engineers specialise in surveying both internal and external drainages and provide a thorough audit and recommendations for your peace of mind. We offer CCTV drain survey start from as little as £144.


Both internal and external pipework and drain systems have a build up of debris, slime and grease, resulting in blocked drainage. This can be quite messy and inconvenient to deal with, and can also prove to be quite a drain on the pocket. We specialise in surveying sewage pipes, drain pipes – both external and internal, manholes, etc. With our expert fault finding skills and years of industry knowledge, we’re sure to clear all the unwanted build-up in no time. We offer drain unblocking service from as little as £90.


Over time all drain pipes under wear-and-tear and build up of unwanted materials which can potentially cause foul smells, blockages and breakdown of the drainage pipework. At Repair Eco, we can understand how stressful and time-consuming this process can be. For your convenience, we offer expert drainage repair and cleaning services. Our thorough survey of the area helps us identify the location and severity of the damage, which can be then treated or repaired appropriately. As part of regular maintenance, we offer pressure cleaning service and aftercare advice, which allows any future breakdowns.